Over the course of their first two releases, MAMMOTH MAMMOTH has proved to be one of Australia’s hottest and heaviest new rock bands. With the second full length album, the four Australians strive to convince the rest of the world of their talent. "Vol. III Hell´s Likely" is again a crystal clear, straight-forward and energy laden Rock masterpiece which hits the nerve and offers the listener songs that instantly stick. The motto of each song is simple: Riffs, riffs, riffs! Around the high explosive sound of Thin Lizzy, Kvelertak and Motörhead the band from Melbourne finds its own sound and vibe which leads within seconds to a headbanging frenzy! After listening to "Vol. III Hell´s Likley" not just Australia but also the rest of the world will kneel before MAMMOTH MAMMOTH! 
Bigger than Jesus, louder than Hell!
This Heavy murder fuzz Rock from Down Under!

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